Newcastle has someone to replace Steve Bruce

With the completion of the process of coming to power in Newcastle, new owners from Saudi Arabia, the days of Steve Bruce as the manager of the collective are numbered. The 60-year-old former Manchester United defender can safely consider himself the top favorite as the closest fired coach from the Premier League club.

How do you think Newcastle will become one of the world top teams or money won’t help them do it? Will they be able to compete with Man City, Liverpool and the others? Look at the 22Bet live betting odds to see what bookmakers think.

Frank Lampard
Sacked by Chelsea in January of this year, Lampard is currently the bookmaker’s favorite for a coaching position at Newcastle.

In the winter, Frank left the Blues out of shape, and Thomas Tuchel managed to put them together to then win the Champions League and finish with dignity in the Premier League. With this, the German achieved a significant improvement in the team’s performance compared to his predecessor.

Newcastle is the perfect opportunity for Lampard to get back into business. But will the Saudi masters of the Forty go to the trouble of entrusting the team to the still inexperienced coach?

Roberto Martinez
The era of Martinez at the head of the Belgian national team is close to end. The reason for this may be the failure of the team in the recent final four of the UEFA Nations League. At first, she lost in the semifinals to France (2: 3), and then lost in the match for third place to the Italian national team (1:2).

The bronze medal of the 2018 World Cup remains a good memory for the Belgians, but the old glory, as you know, loves the new one. And with this the “red devils” now have problems. Only this year’s Euro 2020 quarterfinals are proof of this.

But Roberto Martinez would be a great fit for Newcastle, given his experience in England with Swansea, Wigan and Everton. However, it is believed that Barcelona is also interested in his services, and is closely tied with him in the negotiation process.

Antonio Conte
The Italian has been out of work since last summer, when he left Inter, leading him to the Serie A championship. Conte was recently wooed at Arsenal, but he allegedly refused. Why? They say he felt that the current team of the “Gunners” is not capable of achieving success.

Yes, now the team of “forty” is even worse than that of “Arsenal”. But Conte may be interested in the prospect of a large project in Newcastle and the opportunities available for this. If Antonio really wants to work on something solid and long-term, then this challenge is for him.


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